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Our team of scientific advisors offer:

Transfer of Technology

Transfer of Technology of clinical biochemistry reagents (including veterinary products) & Immuno-turbidimetric reagents for the determination of Plasma Proteins

Comprehensive dossiers describing production process step by step

Table of contents of the dossier (turbidimetry particle enhanced & non-particle enhanced) are available on request.

State of the art recipes
Product List
Transfer of Technology including training on-site

Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Management in IVD including Molecular Diagnostics
Product Development/Positioning
Market Research/Knowledge
Business Strategies/Development
Strategic Market Analysis
Key Account Management and Competitive Analysis
 Offering extensive list of valuable contacts worldwide
Training Programs


Product List


Biochemistry (including Beverage Analysis)

Installation of Quality Management Systems


ISO 13485
ISO 22716 GMP
ISO 9001:2015

Legal Issues


European Representation for IVD companies exporting to EU
Support export to the EU
Import Permission Animal Products