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Our team of scientific advisors offer:

Transfer of Technology

Transfer of Technology of clinical biochemistry reagents (including veterinary products) & Immuno-turbidimetric reagents for the determination of Plasma Proteins

Comprehensive dossiers describing production process step by step

Table of contents of the dossier (turbidimetry particle enhanced & non-particle enhanced) are available on request.

  State of the art recipes
  Product List
  Transfer of Technology including training on-site

Sales & Marketing Support

  Sales & Marketing Management in IVD including Molecular Diagnostics
  Product Development/Positioning
  Market Research/Knowledge
  Business Strategies/Development
  Strategic Market Analysis
  Key Account Management and Competitive Analysis
 ¬†Offering extensive list of valuable contacts worldwide
  Training Programs


Product List


 Biochemistry (including Beverage Analysis)

Installation of Quality Management Systems


  ISO 13485
  ISO 22716 GMP
  ISO 9001:2015

Legal Issues


  European Representation for IVD companies exporting to EU
  Support export to the EU
  Import Permission Animal Products