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Our Core Values




Long term Approach &

Client Focussed

Important features

In Cosmetics…


Protection of the consumer

Cosmetic products must be safe for the consumer. They may not contain any substances that can cause health problems. A toxicological evaluation before making a prototype is a standard procedure to ensure that ingredients do not cause any health risk.


Questionable Ingredients

Questionable preservatives, dyes, artificial perfumes and other nasties are completely banned from our formulations.


New ingredients

New natural substances and new plant-based derived ingredients are becoming increasingly important. Alfabio will remain extremely vigilant towards these new developments, bearing in mind the consumer’s health.


Environmental values

We prioritise the use of recycled and recyclable product packaging
We replace ingredients of animal or synthetic origin with ingredients of renewable plant origin and we use green emulsifiers, natural preservatives and natural perfumes.


… and In Vitro Diagnostics


We strive to provide innovative assay design of Clinical Biochemistry Reagents

  • with the help of fully descriptive formulations leading to prototype(s)
  • Evaluation of these prototype(s) together with the customer
  • Follow-up after implementation of the assays
  • Integration of high molecular PEG to enhance sensitivity