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Responsible Person

According to EU Regulation 1223/2009 every cosmetic company must appoint a Responsible Person (RP), natural or legal, within the European Union, for any cosmetic product placed on the European market.

A RP is a natural or legal person established in the EU.

The RP can be a consulting firm, a manufacturer, an importer, or a distributor.

In the case where the manufacturer, the importer or the distributor, appoint a RP, the only formalism imposed by the EU Regulation 1223/2009 is that there has to be a written agreement between the parties.

Main activities


The preferential point of contact with the authorities
The authorities will prior turn to the RP to ask for information.

Guarantees the product compliance
The RP is in charge of keeping the Product Information File for 10 years after the last batch of the product is placed on the market.

Guaranties the product safety
The RP ensures that the product is safe for human health.

Cosmetic Safety Assessment
Detect adverse effects of cosmetic products according art. 23 of the EU Regulation 1223/2009

Claims report



Product safety report
Cosmetic Dossier (Product Information File)
Formulations & labelling in compliance with the Regulation
CPNP Notification
GMP production conditions
Samples and analysis
Market surveillance
Systematic monitoring of the product safety
Information to the public