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About our company

Alfabio is an independent human life science service company, consisting of an international group of scientific co-operators, having a long experience in their field of knowledge.

Alfabio offers all-in solutions in clinical diagnostics and cosmetics based on natural ingredients.

The company was founded in July 2006 by Ruddy Peeters. Over the years, the know-how within Alfabio has been acquired, not only by the experience of its founder but also by recruiting high profile co-operators in clinical chemistry, molecular biology and in cosmetics.

Our group of consultants believes in understanding the customer’s situation before proposing a solution. We will examine your requests after which we will bring you in contact with the consultant dedicated to your field of operations.

For many years we are passionate about developing and designing tailor-made products in cosmetics (since 2006) and diagnostics (since 1992).

Our expertise covers


Installation of Quality Management Systems