Cosmetic Product Supply

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End User Packs & Bulk Supply

Product Features

  Preservatives & Emulsifiers accepted by bio-certification bodies
  No artificial Colours or Perfumes
  Made from Natural Ingredients and Plant Origin

Contract Manufacturing & Services

  Development File & Definition of Raw Materials
  Demands, Claims and Feasibility
  Production of a sample for evaluation on human skin
  Legal Requirements and Restrictions of Cosmetics
  CPNP Notification¬†
  PIF (Product Information File)
  Responsible Person

Product Formulations

  Serums & Face Masks
  Micellar Water & Eye Lotion
  Gels (Cooling, Warming)
  Bath Products
  Massage oils


  Production Capacity 10 kg to 1000 kg per day
  Filling, Labelling & Packaging
  Focussed on Natural Ingredients